Grace and Forgiveness

Today I read this devotional from A.W. Tozer Grace and Forgiveness – Bible Gateway Devotionals.

It really struck a chord with me, especially this part:

What a gracious thing for us that Jesus Christ never thinks about what we have been. He always thinks about what we are going to be. You and I are slaves to time and space and records and reputations and publicity and the past-all that we call the case history. Jesus Christ cares absolutely nothing about anyone’s moral case history. He forgives it and starts from there as though the person had been born one minute before.

I find myself consistently dwelling on the past. Praise God that Jesus “never thinks about what we have been.” If He forgives me and sees all the wonderful potential in my life, then certainly I need to forgive myself (more), move on (why is this such a process!?) and focus on becoming who I am meant to be.

Just because I am forgiven doesn’t mean that I won’t still make mistakes. I am not perfect 🙂 There is a fine line, I think, in becoming complacent and having the attitude of “Well, if I mess up, I’m forgiven! No biggie!” and not giving yourself grace for the inevitable slip-ups we have from simply being non-perfect and, you know, human!

I could write a lot more, but I think I would find myself rambling just a little too much. And, as good as it is to write out these few simple thoughts I need to pry myself from the computer and get back to some mommyhood duties. Fortunately, since it is nap time for the kiddies that means a short nap for me and trying to clean the crayon off my table… 🙂


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