End of Summer

Even though we have 20 more days of summer, the end of the month of August has always seemed like the end of summer to me. I remember always being so sad to say goodbye to summertime; mostly because school started. Now, I have been done with school for a good six years, and as I grow older I more freely welcome the change of seasons. (Except from fall to winter I am still not terribly fond of that!)

So, hello, September! Welcome, Autumn. Time to take down my summer front door decoration.

And get prepared by digging out the box of fall decor. And start looking up fall time recipes…pumpkin pie, apple dumplings, hearty stews…

The aromas and colors of fall are wonderful!

Fall colours

Fall colours (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you most like about the changing of the season? Is there a favorite smell, sight, taste? If you have a fabulous seasonal recipe, please DO share!


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