Now a Word on Organization

I don’t really like to spend money.

So, when it comes to organization I just try to use what I’ve got, or very mindfully look for a low-cost solution.

Today, I’ll just focus on my front room which houses most of the toys. I have three different stations so when it is time to pick up, Sweet C knows where her toys belong, and I can swoop up the toy clutter quickly when company comes over.

We have a big plastic bin for books. (some of them ast least. there are other book areas in the rest of the house too!) This came as part of Sweet C’s birthday present so it cost me zero dollars, yay!

Books in a Bin. Easy for a toddler to put books away laying flat instead of standing them up on a book shelf.

Then I have a box for big stuffed animals, also a present, yay!

Wooden Box for Stuffed Animals. Takes seconds to toss them in and get the floor picked up!

And underneath my coffee table I have two medium-sized baskets that we put small animals and small toys. I actually did buy these, but got them on sale so I only paid $10 for both of them. I like these nicer looking baskets for my coffee table because it adds a little “grown-up sophistication” and texture.

These “grown-up” baskets give my front room a little style with great hidden storage for more little toys!

I think it is very important to teach kids at a young age to pick up after themselves. I started helping Sweet C pick up her toys just before her first birthday. I made it into a game to get the toy into the box or basket. She loved how I would clap and cheer for her. Now, as she approaches her 18th month, Sweet C willingly picks up toys when asked. She still needs some help, and may only get a few, but her joyful spirit to help is what I want more than anything. Also, she knows that the books, animals, and other small toys all have their place, so she is learning organization even as a child 🙂

In my next post on organization we’ll be taking a look at my kitchen and how I claim it as my clutter free zone.

Hope these little ideas help you to control clutter! Happy Organizing!

I am so blessed in having a helpful toddler and a happy little 3 month old!


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