Meal Planning Update: Research

Research. Gotta love the internet for having a billion different ideas and methods at my fingertips in seconds. I want this process to be simple so I am limiting my time and energy on my research into meal planning. I found some great advice about menu planning from Simple Mom. And at Money Saving Mom she lists what her family eats as real life examples. (There is a TON of other neat info in this site too, but so I don’t get information overload I’ll have to slowly look through it here and there).

Now to get to the down and dirty part: implementing

I’ve been thinking about something the past couple of days. My great-grandmother was a little girl during the Great Depression and I remember her telling stories of how they ate oatmeal three times a day. Now, I’m not talking about going this extreme, but it does make me realize how much variety we can afford even while we are trying to be frugal. It also makes me want to actually cut back a little more. Sometimes less really is more.

This is what I have so far:

Breakfast: rotate between cold cereal with fruit, eggs with fruit, and yogurt with toast or bagel

Lunch: leftovers or sandwiches

Snack: fresh fruit and veggies or smoothies (I make these with all natural plain yogurt, frozen fruit, a frozen veggie usually spinach, and milk not juice. The milk varies between cow milk, soy milk, and almond milk. Sometimes I will add some honey or cinnamon).

Dinner: have a theme. Need to work on this. Possibly something like Mondays = pasta, Tuesday = chicken, Wednesday = roast, Thursday = breakfast like french toast or pancake, Friday = pizza

We kinda do this sort of thing anyways, but I need to get it on paper. This will help me to ensure I have the right ingredients for the week, and don’t get lazy or forgetful when it comes to meal time.

How are you all doing with your meal planning?


One thought on “Meal Planning Update: Research

  1. I do horribly with meal planning! And it’s only for myself, lol. Since I don’t really cook anything fancy, ever, lol (except chicken or eggs–yep, that’s fancy to me lol) my meals all tend to be rather similar. I like the idea of themes…I’ll have to work on this lol 🙂 Thanks for the good ideas, Sara! 🙂

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