Picky Eater

In my house I have two picky eaters: Hubby and Sweet C, my seventeen month old. Hubby is a meat and potatoes type of guy and is content to eat the same handful of things over and over and over again. Sometimes I find this challenging to plan and make meals for, but then again it can be awesome that he is easy to please with simplicity. I love him dearly and that includes his eating habits (although I am quite proud that he has decided to broaden his horizons a bit more for his baby girls to have a good example). At any rate, this post is not about him, but rather my Sweet C.

My darling toddler has been a phenomenal eater pretty much from the start of solid foods. We starting feeding her sweet potato The softer, orange-fleshed variety of sweet po...around seven months and it has been a stand by favorite ever since. As of late, Sweet C has become a little picky, but not by standard toddler terms. The following examples are how my Sweet C defies the average toddler diet.

I bought one can of Spaghettios to try for my Sweet C thinking that it might come in handy on a crazy day. So we tried this just yesterday and with one spoonful and she looked at me with disgust and pushed the plate away with the exclamation of “aw done”. (I rarely, if ever make food from a jar or box because I like to cook from scratch not only for the health benefits but also because it saves a TON of money). Strike out number 1 for Mommy. A little bit later that same day I decided to let Sweet C try some juice. I know some of you might think it is crazy that my kid who is almost a year and a half has never tasted juice before this moment, but she easily consumes a good 5 servings of the fresh stuff every single day without the high sugary liquid stuff. I am in no way judging any other mom who gives their kid juice, this is just a personal lifestyle choice for my family 🙂 Anyways, one sip of the apple juice and my little girl cries. Yes, that’s right folks, you read it right, she cries big blubbering tears because she just wanted her plain water with ice in it. She let me know what she really wanted by sobbing “Ice peeeezzzzzeeee”. Two phases (water and ice) in different states...

And my third and final example of my “picky toddler” is that she threw a french fry on the floor when I let her try one and picked up her sliced tomato with a huge smile as she placed it in her mouth.

Now, there are some things that Sweet C doesn’t like that are healthy, such as carrots. Wow, she does not like those at all, but that’s okay! From time to time I will try to offer them again, but I don’t get upset if she doesn’t eat them. Then I will show her a different veggie on her plate that she does like, peas, and she gobbles those up and I don’t have to worry about her veggie serving for that meal. I feel that offering her choices in what see eats helps her little mind and independence grow. My job is to provide the right options available. You know what? Sometimes she doesn’t eat a vegetable at all during a meal but will eat well with some pasta, meat, fruit and milk. And I’m okay with that because honestly sometimes I don’t feel like always eating my veggies either. And we have gone through a few phases of “I don’t like bananas now” (one of her favorite foods ever) or “I don’t want my sweet potatoes today”. I just wanted to give a couple of examples that my toddler is still very much a toddler. If you have a consistently picky eater though, I encourage you to look at what you are buying, have available in the house, provide as an option during meal/snack time, and actually eat for yourself.

And, if you don’t have kids, consider looking at what you buy and eat for yourself. You, may just save yourself a few bucks and a couple of inches from your waistline! 🙂

I feel blessed today that hubby took over the house this morning and I got to take a divine two-hour nap!!!


One thought on “Picky Eater

  1. I am glad you have a good husband to help you our & give you needed rest. See you Wed.
    Love, Grams.

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