I’ve decided that every time I blog I will share a blessing. Either something that I feel particularly thankful for in that day and/or something like an Irish Blessing. (I use this as an example because I am pretty much enthralled with all things related to Ireland). I feel that acknowledging blessings in my life help me be more content. Having a content heart not only gives me a sense of peace, but it also helps me see the bigger picture and not get so caught up in little negative details (which in the end really don’t end up meaning squat).

So, today I feel especially blessed by my family. Hubby took me out to dinner so I wouldn’t have to cook. My first daughter, whom I’ll refer to as Sweet C, she is just a couple of days shy of 17 months and so full of energy. Anyways, she is just so earnestly interested in being helpful. She even volunteers herself. For example the other day I see her walking back and forth from the living room to utility room carrying a piece of her clothing and saying “help, help” (it’s so darling in her little voice). I came over to see what exactly she was “helping” with and found her placing each article of clothing in the wash machine. Sweet C’s face just beamed with pride. I hugged her and told her what a good helper she was to help Mommy do laundry but now she could help Mommy take that laundry basket in the living room upstairs to put those CLEAN clothes away 🙂 And then there is my 2 month old, whom I will refer to as Blue Eyes. She is just one of the most smiley babies in the whole world! If I have had a long day sometimes that is just all I need to cheer me up is a big coo followed up by a smile. My family may not be perfect but we are just so full of love for each other I can’t help feel like the most blessed person on Earth.


One thought on “Blessings

  1. This is so encouraging to read, Sara! I felt peace just reading this blog 🙂

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